Who We Are

Real Estate Jobs, s.r.o. is the only Czech HR agency strictly specialized in real estate jobs. Among others you can find jobs and candidates for positions: real estate agent, property manager, real estate company manager, cleaners, construction builders and other position connected to real estate.

Real Estate Jobs, s.r.o. is member of CAPITAL Trust, a.s. group of companies. The other members are:

CAPITAL TrustBoutique SuitesCentury 21 CinzovnidomyProperty ManagersFQI Trust SICAVFree Energy Vision

In 2015 CAPITAL Trust, a.s. management decided to complete all future project as smart buildings in passive standard according to Czech and EU norms. For us in CAPITAL Trust, a.s. it is amazing challange to provide customers with passive, zero (energy consumpiton) and active energy surplus homes for prices only a bit higher than usual buildings. We also help clients to upgrade their current buildings into energy saving buidings through smart technologies implementation and construction adjustments.

Maximaze income from your rental apartment(s). Use our almost 20 years exeperience and knowledge and start renting the apartment(s) short term. Prague is all-year around tourist top destination. We will professionally manage your rentals. We take care of reservations, checkin-in/out, cleaning, laundry, customers satisfaction and many more for just 20-25% of income. You will be surprised how much money Your apartment will generate under our management. Every day automated report for out of country owners. Each client is welcome we do not make difference how many apartments you have.

Who shall rent and sell our vacant units better than the largest global real estate franchising network – Century21? In 2015 we have acquired Century21 franchise. Anything we can do for You regarding residential or commercia real estate, especially in our part of town – a smart advise, perfect sale or rental? Rely on our experienced, professional English, Russian, Spanish speaking agents.

We manager properties for domestic and foreign owners. We have smart fee system. You pay nothing if we do not increase your rental income. We take care of Your accounts, rent collection, property and other taxes, repairs, renovations, evicting tenants if necessary, providing all facility and property management services you may think of. We work with lawyers specialised in real estate law.

Manage Your investment in a smart way. Offshore system is half illegal, expensive, subject of withholding tax. The modern method we use is being owner of shares of Czech SICAV investment fund controlled by a custodian bank, managed by Avant investiční společnost, a.s. which is under strict control of Czech National Bank. This fund is subject of 5% corporate income tax only. We will happy to assist You to achieve huge legal tax savings. Ask for a personal meeting – martin.urman@propertyinvestment.cz

We made a decision to gain a significant part of the Czech and Slovak passive and lowenergy building market through a merger with a foreign company with tradition in passive contruction. We are your passive building A-Z consultant. We know where the request the subsidy, we know the architects, the builders and everyone you need to build your new passive family home or renovate your building into passive stadnard. It is a big challange to renovate historic rental buildings in passive standard. We made it.

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