Investment strategy


Low risk investments into the liquid asset with historically verified continual growth development


Potential of growth supported by increasing interest in locations in the original development areas in Czech cities (gorgeous Art Nouveau houses, most of them in historical centers


Revenue payout in the form od partial redemption of investment shares (already after 3 years)


Prestigious club events for investors of this fund


Concessionary income-tax rate for the fund at 5% followed by 0% for investor-natural person after 3 years

In the upcoming period of 2017-2018 the market of residential real estate in Prague and the Czech Republic is expected to grow significantly faster (there is estimated growth of demand from 6,1% in 2015 and 4,2% v 2016 for newly built properties in Prague than in the rest of the Czech Republic: 1,9% in 2015 and 2,1% in 2016).

Subfund´s specialization

FQI TRUST subfund CinzovniDomy is a subfund of qualified investors

that in the sense of § 95 parg. 1 accumulates monetary recources or financially appraisable valuables from more qualified investors by issuing participant stocks and carries out collective investments of accumulated funds or financially appraisable valuables based on designated investment strategy in favor of those qualified investors and continues to administrate these assets.

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